Hi Everyone!

Thank you for a wonderful year! January is such a special time because we get the chance to look back over the past year and see all that God has done. We are SUPER excited to share with you the highlights from 2016!

Please see the 2016 Highlights/Summary page below by clicking on the link.


Crusade in India!

Recently our team in India organized a crusade in the city of “Mandapeta” and over 3,000 people attended! This is just one of many outreaches our team organizes every month to win souls for the Kingdom of God. Our team of national minsters is constantly sharing the Gospel. In fact, in the last three months GPI’s ministers shared the Gospel in over 90 different outreaches!

New Church Building Complete!

A few weeks ago we also finished the church-building-project! The building looks great, and the village is super excited to have a new church! We pray this church continues to be a LIGHT for Christ in this area. Thanks for your support for this awesome project! Thank you so much for making a difference this year through the ministry of Gospel Projects International. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial support have made an impact for Christ in many people’s lives. Thanks for partnering with us, together we can do more for God’s Kingdom! Have a great month!


Happy New Years!
Josh & Anna (and Katie, Trevor, and Baby-Ellie)