Hello Everyone!

Summer is definitely here now! The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been pretty hot, and it looks like the next few weeks are going to have even more hot weather. We love the summer, it is always such a fun and active time of the year.

Thanks for taking a minute to read about what’s going on with GPI in the midst of your busy summer schedule. This has been a really good month for us and we are excited to share some highlights with you. We have a lot to talk about, so this will be a little longer-than-usual update letter (just warning you).

Great Progress on Education Projects!

Last month we shared some educational needs for the children in India, and over the last few weeks we have made some great progress on these projects. The “school supplies and uniforms” portion of the project is fully sponsored, and we made great progress on the college tuition expenses.
In India we are able to have the orphan children attend college classes all year for only $300 per student. We feel this is such a great opportunity to give kids a chance to succeed at a (relatively) low cost to us. We still have $1,500 remaining for this project. Please let us know if you want to help with this important need!

GPI Featured in Local Magazine

A few months ago Gospel Projects International was featured in a local magazine, and we thought we would share a copy of the article with you. “Moses Lake Scene” sends out a monthly magazine to our community, and the editor of the magazine was nice enough to interview us and include a great article about what we are doing in India and around the world. We have included a copy of this magazine in this newsletter, hope you enjoy!

Click Here to Read the Moses Lake Scene Article 

Celebrating 6 Years for our International Bible Schools in India!

Just recently our team in India celebrated the graduation ceremony for our two international Bible schools. This is the 6th year that GPI has provided these schools! In India people seem to really value education (we think even more than we do here in the US), and we are so happy to be able to help village pastors and Christian leaders by providing an opportunity for them to have a solid biblical education.
We want to give a big thanks to everyone who has helped with these Bible schools over the years, we are so thankful for your help. Keep the Bible schools in your prayers, our team in India is already starting classes for the next year!

Awesome Progress with Nepal Children’s Home Building Project!

This month we made AWESOME progress on the children’s home project in Nepal. We are so excited about this progress, and we are happy to soon start caring for orphan children in need at the new “Himalaya Daya Children’s Home.” For this children’s home we are partnering with Harvest Ministry and Reach Himalaya Ministries, and together we are making some real progress on this construction project.

To get this home ready to start caring for orphan children the construction costs are going to be about $50,000, andwe currently have $9,500 raised! This leaves about $40,500 remaining. This is a lot, but it will definitely be worth it! Our goal is to establish a “missions center” in Nepal similar to what we have in India (with the national ministers, Bible schools, outreaches, etc.). The first step in this plan is for us to finish the construction of this children’s home (giving us a good base-of-operations in this area) and then later we can expand into other areas of ministry and service.

We still need help with this project and together we can make this a reality. We realize that many of you are already supporting the ministry work as much as you are able, and we do not want to put any pressure on you to give more than can, but perhaps you can help by sharing about the needs with other people you know or come in contact with. Please let us know if you want any brochures or informational packets to hand out, we are definitely looking for more people to partner with us to reach these kids in need.

Thanks for Your Faithful Prayers and Support!

Thanks for partnering with us to help reach the lost and help people in need. It is awesome to see all that can be accomplished when we join together for a common goal – to reach out and touch people with the love of Christ. We realize none of this would be possible without your prayers and support, so thank you so much.



Have a great rest of the summer. God bless you!

– Josh and Anna and all the GPI team