November, 2011

Hello everyone,

We hope that you’re enjoying this fall season as much as we are. It’s so nice to see the leaves turn color and feel the crisp air – even if it is a little cold at times. Exciting things are happening with Gospel Projects International, and we are happy to share with you a glimpse of what’s been going on.

Perhaps the highlight this month is that we’ve expanded our ministry in India. We are pleased to announce that we are now caring for three new orphan children and sponsoring a new National Minister. This expansion has been on our heart to do for several months, and we are happy to take another step forward with our ministry in India.

We also want to give you a heads up and let you know that we are planning to launch out from Harvest Ministry in January of 2012. So far, Gospel Projects International (which includes Project India) has been working under the covering of Harvest Ministry (with Josh’s parents – Jon & Ann Dunagan). We have been praying about this a lot over the past few months and we all feel that this is the direction the Lord is leading. Our ministry in India will still carry on as normal, and we will continue to work very closely with Harvest Ministry (and Harvest Ministry will help provide us with guidance and accountability), but as of January 2012 Gospel Projects International will be a separate ministry. It is exciting for us to be stepping out into ministry, and it will be great to see what God has planned.

We are happy to be moving forward! Lord willing, we want to expand our ministry into new places, and we are currently looking into a number of exciting opportunities. We are also working on developing a ministry website (which hopefully will be running within a few weeks) and you can now find us on Facebook and Twitter by searching for “Gospel Projects International.”

We can hardly express how happy we are with what God’s done through Gospel Projects International, and we are so thankful for all of your prayers and support which has made everything possible. Please keep us in your prayers and we move forward and find new ways to share the love of Jesus.

God bless,


Josh & Anna

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