Hi Everyone!

We hope you all are doing well and that the end of this busy summer finds you refreshed and ready to begin this new school year! I (Anna Louise) am excited to share a GPI update with you this month.

Mission Trip to India in Progress:

As you read this letter, our team of three ladies (Anna Dunagan, Marilyn Molitor, and Stephanie Houde) are well on their way to India! During this outreach, they will be hosting a women’s conference, ministering in village churches, playing with the orphanage children (and even taking the kids on a special outing to a water park), and connecting with our team in India.
Please remember to keep Anna, Marilyn, and Stephanie in your prayers during this outreach. Please pray for:

• Protection and Health
• Divine Appointments
• Smooth Flights and Other Travel Connections

If you are active on social media be sure to check in on our Facebook and Instagram for updates & pictures while they are there! Links to social media are on our website at www.gospelprojects.org.

Thanks for Partnering with GPI!

Daniel and I have had a fun summer adjusting to being a family of five, and have thoroughly been enjoying working alongside Josh & Anna. It’s amazing to see what a group of like-minded people (that includes you!) can do for the kingdom of God.



-Daniel & Anna Louise and the GPI team