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Mission Opportunities

Mission Opportunities

Meeting Needs and Sharing Jesus Around the World
Choose to take action.
Make a Difference today.

Wherever you are, and even in the middle of your busy schedule, you can make a difference in someone’s life today.

We are passionate about connecting you with needs around the world. You can simply pick a project and we will handle the logistics and walk you through the process. We will even share ideas on how to fund raise.

To sponsor any of these missions projects click on the image to visit our donate page. When completing your donation please be sure to mention which mission project you want to help with.


Missions Projects

Take an active roll and make an impact today.


Meal for a Child in Need

For just $1 you can feed a child in need.


Give a Bible

Enable someone to read scripture on their own.


Mosquito Net

Help prevent the spread of deadly viruses.


Washable Menstrual Pads

Help promote cleanliness in young girls.


Education Scholarship

Give the gift of education to a student in need.


School Supplies

Provide basic school supplies for kids in need.


Medical Clinic Visit

You can help save lives by preventing the spread of major illnesses.


Prescription Eyeglasses

Help someone have clear sight by providing a set of eyeglasses.


Christmas Bundle

Give a set of clothes, toys, candy, notebooks, pens and pencils to a child.


Orphan Scholarship

Help provide full-time care for an orphan child.


Kid Mattress

Give a child a safe and comfortable sleep.


Food For a Month

$50 can feed one person for a full month.


Widow Support

Give hope to a woman who has lost everything.


Winter Blankets

Provide warmth for villagers in the Himalayan Mountains.


Coats for Villagers

Help people endure the cold with warm coats.


Solar Light for a Family

Light up a house for a family without access to electricity.


Bible School Scholarship

Equip a local pastor to reach his own village.


Sewing Machine

Empower women to generate their own income.


Bicycle for a Student

Help a child get to school for further their education.


Flock of Chickens

Provide sustainable food for a family.


Portable Sound System

Help more people hear the Gospel in rural areas.


Two Sheep

Help a family generate income by starting their own herd.


Laptop for College

Equip college students to pursue higher education.


Solar Street Light

Provide constant light for a rural community.


Milking Cow

A milking cow can help provide nourishment and income for a family.


Village Water Well

Provide fresh clean water for an entire community.


Motorcycle for a Pastor

Equip a national pastor to reach more people.


Build a Church

Help believers be a light to their community.


Vehicle for Missions

Enable a minister to share the gospel in remote areas.

$20,000 (estimate)

Start a Children’s Home

You can start a new children’s home. Contact us for details.

See a project you like?

Contact us today to get your project started right away!
  • Pick a Project: Go through our booklet and pick which project you want to start.

  • Connect with GPI:  Visit our website and fill out the contact form and be sure to mention you are wanting to start a project.

  • Personalized Strategy: Our Volunteer Director will contact you and communicate a strategy and plan of the best way for you to complete your project.

  • Donations: Donors can give on our website, or by mail, whichever is more convenient.

  • Check Up: Our Volunteer Director will walk you through the whole process and will even contact you to see if you need anything.

  • Project Complete: Once the project is sponsored and complete we will send you pictures and testimonies for the impact you made!

Together we can reach more people for our Lord Jesus Christ!


You can change a life! Anyone can do it! Contact us today to get your project started.
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When you partner with GPI, 100% of your donation goes directly to the project you want to sponsor, without anything being taken out for overhead expenses. Only gifts designated for the “General Fund” will be used for overhead expenses. GPI is even directed on a volunteer basis to help keep overhead expenses low.

GPI’s mission is to help connect people with needs around the world in the most effective and efficient ways possible. You can make a change today!


Gospel Projects International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. All gifts to GPI are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. At the end of the year, we will send out a receipt containing a summary of your donations.


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