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Share the Gospel

Share the Gospel

Meeting Needs and Sharing Jesus Around the World

Empowering Nationals to Reach Their Own People

We believe one of the most effective and efficient ways to share the gospel around the world is by equipping National Ministers(who already know the local culture and language and are established in the community)to reach out to their own people. In many remote places around the world, there are trustworthy men and women of God who have a passion for reaching the lost; our vision is to support and equip these ministers for full-time missions and evangelism.

In many areas in India and Nepal, the caste system is still implemented even though it was abolished years ago. By supporting these ministers, it helps the whole community overcome the effects that the “caste system mindset” has had for so long. We have seen firsthand how this has freed so many people and helped break down that invisible wall that has hurt so many communities and villages in India and Nepal.

And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (2 Timothy 2:2)


Currently Gospel Projects International has six “National Ministers” who work with us on a full-time basis. These ministers hold multiple outreach programs in remote villages every month, along with serving as head pastors for their own local churches. It’s so exciting because people are hearing the Gospel for the first time in many remote areas where the national ministers are traveling and carrying out outreaches. Also, our National Ministers help with day to day needs for Aasha Children’s Home (in India) and Himalaya Daya Rescue Home (in Nepal) and teach classes at our Bible schools.

Because the standard of living is usually much lower in developing countries, the cost for sponsoring a full-time National Minister is very low (usually only about $100-$300 per month), but this support GREATLY increases their influence. In the area where our National Ministers are located in S.E. India and Nepal, with only a few percent of the population are Christian and most of these believers are women who have little or no control over their family’s finances. This makes it extremely difficult for an Indian or Nepali pastor or evangelist to have the support they need to focus full-time on ministry.

The National Ministers we support also help carry out the different humanitarian projects and outreach programs that help their own church reach out to help their community while sharing the Gospel.

Meet Gospel Project’s National Ministers
John Mojes
Paul & Krishna
Arjun & Ruth
Bible School Training

Another way GPI works to equip nationals is by providing Biblical training for village pastors and believers. In 2011 we started our first International Bible School in a local village. The primary purpose for GPI’s International Bible Schools is to provide Biblical training for village pastors and people who want to deepen their apologetic knowledge and have a more effective strategy to share the Gospel with their community. It’s exciting for us to help train new Christian leaders around the world! Currently GPI has two Bible schools in S.E. India and since the start of these schools, GPI has trained up and had 336 students graduate and ready to reach their communities for Christ.

You can help spread the Gospel to people in India and Nepal by joining with us to Equip Nationals!



Together we can reach more people for our Lord Jesus Christ!
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