Where We Have Been

Josh & Anna’s Mission Trip Summaries
  1. Canada: Anna and Josh have been to Quebec and British Columbia.
  2. U.S.A.: Anna and Josh are actively involved in local outreach and church ministry.
  3. Mexico: Anna and Josh have ministered here on multiple missions outreaches.
  4. Bermuda: Josh helped his parents on a mission outreach to Bermuda when he was a young boy.
  5. Dominican Republic: Anna and Josh traveled here on missions trips when they were in high school.
  6. Jamaica: Josh traveled to Jamaica with his parents on mission outreach.
  7. Honduras: Anna ministered on the streets and helped with a crusade.
  8. Guatemala: As a young boy, Josh traveled here and helped his parents on an outreach.
  9. Costa Rica: Josh & Anna ministered here multiple times. The most recent outreach was in February 2012.
  10. Peru: Anna traveled to Peru on a mission trip and helped with a large crusade.
  11. Brazil: Anna ministered in remote villages and did street evangelism on a missions trip with her church.
  12. South Africa: Josh spent several days traveling through South Africa and going on a safari.
  13. Swaziland: Josh traveled to Swaziland and ministered at a crusade.
  14. Mozambique: Josh ministered with his dad at a crusade in Mozambique in 2009.
  15. Uganda: Josh traveled to Uganda two times and ministered in multiple crusades and pastor seminars.
  16. France: Josh spent a day touring France with his parents when he was 10 years old.
  17. Germany: Anna and Josh spent some time walking around Germany while en-route to India.
  18. United Kingdom: Anna and Josh have visited the U.K. multiple times while in-route to outreaches.
  19. India: Anna and Josh have gone on multiple outreaches to India beginning in 2011.
  20. Philippines: As a young child, Josh traveled here with his family on a mission trip.
  21. Malaysia: Josh spent some time in this country with his dad when he was a teenager.
  22. Singapore: Josh went on a mission trip to Singapore in 2003.
  23. Ireland: In 2012 Josh and Anna traveled all around The Republic of Ireland and ministered in Churches.
  24. Switzerland: Josh and Anna spent some time in Switzerland while in-route to India.
  25. Austria: Anna and Josh spent time in Austria while in-route to an outreach.
  26. Lichtenstein: Josh and Anna visited Lichtenstein while in-route to India.
  27. Italy: Anna and Josh spent some time in Italy while in-route to India.
  28. Korea: Josh traveled to Korea to visit Christi and Trae Childs (Josh’s sister and brother-in-law).

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